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Dr. Shane provides Health/Nutrition/Fitness Coaching.  Call or Text Him Personally to schedule your FREE 15 Minute Health/Fitness Consultation (208) 553-6451.  Be prepared to present your goals and why you want to accomplish them.  Are you READY?  Give yourself a chance and give it a try...

If you could change anything about your Health what would it be?
Let's talk about how to improve your health so dramatically that you literally feel 10-20 years younger, or even more.  Dr. Shane has been working with a group of Doctors and Health Professionals who specialize in healing the body with will reverse disease using 90 Essential Nutrients.  
You can start out by getting a FREE E-book that shares personal experiences from many people who have started their journey in healing.  Your FREE E-book is available by clicking

CLICK HERE TO: Take advantage of the BEST offer with the hCG Plus 2 oz. bottle for only $59. You will also receive a FREE bottle of Bowel Support Formula and FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with your order. This is over $98 value for only $59.00. There are no quantity restrictions to this special.

Totally HCG DELUXE 6 Week Diet Program

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Totally HCG DELUXE 6 Week Diet Program
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We will substitute a 2 oz. bottle of hCG Plus for your source of Homeopathic hCG along with a 2 oz. bottle of Slender Plus to assist with your program.  Thus the photograph for this special is incorrect, however you are getting a higher value in products for the same price!

You are also welcome to call and schedule a FREE 15-Minute HEALTH AND WELLNESS PHONE CONSULTATION.  This is our way of helping you stay of the path and make your way to success in Health.  Simply call the office (208) 926-7040 to schedule your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.

Deluxe HCG Diet Program

Sensational purchase for ONLY $68.94 (A 50+% Savings) + FREE Shipping & Handling. Its like purchasing the Slender Plus, Booklet and DVD then receiving the hCG Weight Loss Formula for FREE!

Included in this special are the following products:

3 bottles Mediral hCG Weight Loss Formula FOR FREE (1 oz. each, $29 Value each, $87 Total Value) The Mediral product is being substituted by 1 bottle of HCG Plus 2 oz.  The results will be the same or better.

This product has excellent results when used with Simeons hCG protocol. Women can expect to get rid of an average of to 1 pound per day for the entire 40 day program.  This special is sufficient products for an entire 6 week protocol.  The HCG Plus requires only 30 drops per day.

1 bottle Mediral Weight Off (1 oz. $35 value): take 10-12 drops per day.  The Mediral product is being substituted by 1 bottle of Slender Plus 2 oz.  The results will be the same or even better.  30 drops per day is the regular amount required and it may be consumed with the HCG Plus.

This product supports the metabolism and assists the hCG in releasing the stored fat. Slender Plus may be used before, during, and after the round of hCG diet. Using Slender Plus will decrease the chances of hitting the dreaded plateau. The most benefit will show in getting rid of the weight and inches faster and more effectively.

1 TotallyHCG program Booklet ($8.95 value)

This booklet describes much more than just the basics of the Dr.  Simeon's protocol. It also outlines what you can expect and how you can maximize your results while doing the hCG diet. A success log is included for tracking your weight and inches. The Phase 2 grocery list will be most helpful also. Real life experiences from our customers are also enclosed so you can truly see this is possible and not exaggerated.

  • 28 pages
  • More than Dr. Simeon's Protocol
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How to maximize your results
  • What to expect
  • Directions for the entire plan
  • HCG Phase 2 shopping list
  • Success Log and Results Chart
  • How to measure properly
  • Testimonials from others just like you
  • and much more...

1 TotallyHCG program DVD (45 minute, $24.99 value)

Dr. Shane Harada personally walks you through the steps of the program in this excellent DVD. A companion to the booklet, this DVD shows you in video format how to get the most from your hCG experience. When you have questions, this resource becomes invaluable as it can be re-played over and over with specific portions that you need help with. The menu can be navigated with ease so you may jump to specific segments for review or showing to a friend.

  • 45 minute DVD video
  • Stunning video and crystal clear audio
  • Dr. Shane personally explains the entire plan in detail
  • Step-by-step guide and instructions
  • Frequently Asked Questions answered
  • How to maximize results and avoid common mistakes?
  • How to load/feast properly?
  • What about exercise?
  • Full content/scene selection for easy reference and review
  • This is a priceless addition to your plan
Total value of package is over $155.00

  • 1 bottle HCG Plus 2 oz.
  • 1 bottle Slender Plus 2 oz.
  • 1 TotallyHCG program Booklet
  • 1 TotallyHCG program DVD
  • Includes HCG Phase 2 Grocery List
  • Includes Success Tracker Tool
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