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Weight Loss Specials

FOR NEW CUSTOMERS:  See the Totally HCG Deluxe 6 Week Diet Program for $68.94.  You will receive everything necessary to start and work through your 1st round of the Totally HCG Program with tremendous savings. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING AND SALES TAX are included in the special pricing.

For Returning Customers:  The Special Offer is a 2oz Bottle of hCG Plus for  $20 off regular price and get a FREE SLENDER PLUS FORMULA and FREE STANDARD SHIPPING.  All this for only $59.00, with Sales Tax included also!!  Simply place your order for the hCG Plus product and you will be charged the $59.   The Slender Plus Formula will not show on your invoice at that moment, but it will be included when we process the order for shipping.
This is over $98 value for only $59.00. There are no quantity restrictions to this special.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program shown below has been reduced even further!  The Very Special Pricing is now ONLY $99.99.

HCG Diet Special 2
LIMITED TIME BONUS - FREE HCG with every package!

SPECIAL NOTE FOR THESE SPECIALS:  The Mediral hCG products shown in these images will be replaced with the TOTALLY HCG hCG Plus 2 oz. Bottle as the Homeopathic HCG 6-Week Supply and the Mediral Weight Off 1 oz. bottle (2 week supply) will be replaced with the TOTALLY SLENDER Slender Plus 2oz. Bottle (also a 6 week supply).

Why buy from Totally HCG?

Every Totally HCG Program purchased includes:
Dr. Shane Total Customer Support - We guarantee to have the best HCG Diet custom support in the USA! We support you before, during and after your HCG Diet. We answer your questions and keep you motivated.

GET FIT NOW Membership - Join our live weekly webinar meetings hosted by Dr. Shane.  Learn from special guest health experts. Keep motivated with real-time inspirational health loss stories. Live question and answer session each week with Dr. Shane.

1 TotallyHCG program DVD
(45 minutes)

Dr. Shane Harada personally walks you through the steps of the program in this excellent DVD. A companion to the booklet, this DVD shows you in video format how to get the most from your hCG experience. When you have questions, this resource becomes invaluable as it can be re-played over and over with specific portions that you need help with. The menu can be navigated with ease so you may jump to specific segments for review or showing to a friend.

  • 45 minute DVD video
  • Stunning video and crystal clear audio
  • Dr. Shane personally explains the entire plan in detail
  • Step-by-step guide and instructions
  • Frequently Asked Questions answered
  • How to maximize results and avoid common mistakes?
  • How to load/feast properly?
  • What about exercise?
  • Full content/scene selection for easy reference and review
  • This is a priceless addition to your plan
1 TotallyHCG program Booklet (28 pages)

This booklet describes much more than just the basics of the Dr.  Simeon's protocol. It also outlines what you can expect and how you can maximize your results while doing the hCG diet. A success log is included for tracking your weight and inches. The Phase 2 grocery list will be most helpful also. Real life experiences from our customers are also enclosed so you can truly see this is possible and not exaggerated.

  • 28 pages
  • More than Dr. Simeon's Protocol
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How to maximize your results
  • What to expect
  • Directions for the entire plan
  • HCG Phase 2 shopping list
  • Success Log and Results Chart
  • How to measure properly
  • Testimonials from others just like you
  • and much more..
95% Success Rate with 30,000

The Totally HCG Diet Program has a 95% success rate. Over 45,000 bottles of product have been sold with only 24 returns.  If you have been looking for a trusted and proven program, you have found it!


Our products are all manufactured in the United States, guaranteed! Maintaining the highest quality in the ingredients and practices is absolutely key to our products. This is what we pass on to you.

15 Day Money Back GUARANTEE

If you are not satisfied you can get your money back within 15 days of your purchase.